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Episode Six Coming August 31, 2022

Doctors Speak Out

  • Doctors say their concerns over racist email, papal visit request dismissed by Alberta Health Services

Episode Six Panel Members

Mandy Brisebois

Dr. Mandy Brisebois



Aleobe Eruemulor

Dr. Aleobe Eruemulor

Founder of “Physician’s Keepers.”

Dr. Aleobe Eruemulor is a board-certified primary care physician, speaker, educator, and anti-bullying activist.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, she has a heart  to help people, as well as a passion to support physicians and their mental/emotional wellness.

Most physicians have a special calling to serve and improve the quality of  lives of others. Though they always care for people, they rarely receive a reciprocal concern from others when they need it.

Physicians usually work under highly stressful conditions, and many of them suffer all manner of discrimination and bullying on the job. This, added to the usual stresses that the job brings makes work extremely unpleasant and  intolerable for many of them. Sadly, they rarely have advocates to speak up for them.

This is where Dr. Aleobe comes in. Having a natural zeal for justice and a deep compassion for the underdog, she desires to be that missing advocate,  and is here to raise an awareness about this hidden and unfortunate phenomenon, and to inform the public by exposing some of the forms of bullying and harassment that some physicians have to endure on the job.

This is because in the past, Dr. Aleobe has been a victim of bullying herself. Experiencing all that negativity and pain is what inspired her to start “Physician’s Keepers.” The main goal of this organization is to fight for physicians who undergo the torment of bullying while in their residency training and other professional environments.

She has spoken at  residency programs, highlighting the often overlooked issue of bullying in the professional world of physicians. She continues to strive for change, educating others and inspiring them to pursue a more inclusive and stress-free environment for physicians.

Find out more and connect with Physician’s Keepers on Facebook.

Adam Harrison

Dr. Adam Harrison



Kelly Stecher

Dr. Kellie Stecher



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On the Record

On the Record

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