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Note: ABRC is now the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying and Harassment.

An Inside Look at Workplace Bullying – A ThreeSixty Alberta Exclusive

October 2019

Think bullying stops at high school? Join us for an inside look at bullying in the workplace. Co-host Jana Semeniuk chats with Linda Crockett, a trauma specialist and workplace bullying expert based out of Edmonton. Bullying awareness week runs Oct. 13-19.

Kourting Happiness Podcast with Dr. Kortni Alston

Episode 65: How to Pinpoint, Protect, and Get Your Power Back from Workplace Bullying with Linda Crockett

Dr. Kortni Alston of the Kourting Happiness podcast talks with Linda Crockett, an expert who will help you reclaim your time and sanity. (December 2021)
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Episode 69: Linda Crockett Explains What To Do When Witnessing Workplace Bullying

Linda Crockett is with Dr. Kortni Alston to discuss workplace bullying bystanders. What does it mean? And, what you can do if you witness seeing bullying at work. (January 2022)
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Kourting Happiness Podcast

The Nine Oh Six

Extraordinary Women: Their Stories

October 2021

Episode 38: Choose to Challenge Workplace Harassment and Bullying

In this episode Linda unpacks why she call’s workplace harassment and bullying an epidemic and provides examples of how this has showed up in her personal life that led her on her journey to help eradicate it. She shares strategies for victims of workplace harassment and bullying on how they can lead with clarity, courage, confidence and reporting to make their way to recovery. She challenges us all to speak up and act in helping end this epidemic!


the nine oh six podcast, stories of extraordinary women

Authenticity, Humanness, and Collaboration with Linda Crockett

on the Shift Management podcast

November 2019

As a Scottish-Canadian, Linda Crockett didn’t know where she belonged. Listen in on how she grew to help people assert their place in a world that she didn’t always find welcoming.

A reflection by Linda Crockett

Linda Crocket on Business Talk Radio

August 2020

Linda Crockett, IAWBH

Interview with David Yamada: 3 Questions for Linda Crockett, founder of the ABRC

September 2019

Radio Interview: Psychological Hazard of Bullying in the Workplace

July 2019

Radio Interview: Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge, Global News Radio

July 2019

Interview: All Business Media – The Professionals Roundtable

October 2018

Interview: All Business Media – Counselling Services

September 2018

CBC News: Workplace bullying on the rise across country: Alberta expert Linda Crockett

September 2015