About Our Founder

Linda R. Crockett


Linda completed her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work with a specialty in workplace harassment and bullying. She completed additional training at the Workplace Bullying Institute in the USA and remains connected and supported as an Alumni member.

Linda also completed the Inaugural Summer School: Formulating Evidence Based Treatment for Targets of Bullying which was hosted by the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment (IAWBH). Researchers and therapists from around the world shared their work with 24 helping professionals. This included assessment, diagnosis and treatment frameworks for treating people traumatized by bullying and harassment.

She is an active member of IAWBH.


Linda Crockett, workplace bullying expert

Years of Experience

Linda has been a professional social worker for over 32 years. As a witness and target of Workplace Harassment and Bullying (including mobbing) in her own profession, her career is dedicated to development of a Centre which provides Education, Intervention, Prevention, and Restorative / Recovery options for Employers and Employees impacted. Linda offers a holistic perspective to addressing the diverse, multi-layered, complex phenomenon of workplace harassment and bullying. She has created a service stationed in Edmonton Alberta to support all Albertans.

As a trainer or presenter, Linda has worked with nurses, paramedics, firemen, police officers, teachers, social workers, Oil and Gas Industries, Unions, Medical Teams, Insurance Companies and more.

As a therapist, Linda offers a safe and confidential space for clients to feel heard and validated. She supports those who have been harmed in the workplace, and those who are acting out with harmful behaviours.

  • Holistic Needs Assessment, Treatment Plan and Recovery Options
  • Offer Recommendations including Facilitate Restorative Discussions
  • Advocacy

Employees on sick leave often feel isolated and experience additional stress when attempting to navigate through different systems e.g. insurance companies, medical teams, unions, and human resources. ABRC offers support throughout these processes including, difficult decision making, document completions, reviewing rights, options and next steps, and assisting with communications. We help support your recovery and successful return to work processes.

Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award Recipient

Linda Crockett was awarded the Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award 2017 from the Government of Alberta for Individual Leadership in Bullying Prevention.

Linda Crockett was recognized for her leadership role in advocating for those affected by bullying. She is the founder of the Alberta Bullying Research, Resources & Recovery Centre, (now the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources Centre).  Both provide education, awareness, advocacy, and recovery counselling services for anyone affected by bullying, including rehabilitation for perpetrators.

Linda has facilitated workshops to social workers, teachers, youth justice volunteers, the Edmonton Support Network, First Nation Communities, and teens and domestic violence survivors preparing for the workplace. Linda also advocates on legislation changes, to add “psychological harassment” and “psychological violence” to provincial and federal labour legislation.

Inspiration Award