About Our Founder

Linda R. Crockett


Founder of the award-winning service The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources, a for-profit organization, and the founder of the not-for-profit Canadian Institute of Workplace Harassment and Violence. 

Linda Crockett is an esteemed pioneer in workplace harassment, bullying, and violence, renowned for her groundbreaking initiatives in Canada. With a career spanning 37 years in social work, including 13 years as a global psychological safety expert, Linda has consistently demonstrated her unwavering commitment to fostering safe and respectful work environments.

As the driving force behind the first and only full-service workplace harassment, bullying, and violence resource center in Canada, Linda has been at the forefront of creating positive change within organizations nationwide. Her visionary leadership has not only elevated awareness but has also catalyzed meaningful action against workplace mistreatment.

One of Linda’s most remarkable accomplishments is her instrumental role spearheading the regional and national workplace bullying awareness week, garnering active government leader endorsements since 2010. Her tireless advocacy and dedication have resulted in transformative shifts in policy, culture, and awareness surrounding workplace issues.

Linda’s academic journey culminated in a master’s degree in workplace bullying, making her an expert in the field. She possesses a diverse set of certifications, including somatic experiencing trauma therapy, Prolonged Exposure to PTSD therapy, and ongoing studies in EMDR and Biofield Tuning Therapy. Her commitment to professional development and continuous learning demonstrates her unwavering dedication to her craft.

As an alumna and colleague of Dr. Gary Namie, the esteemed founder of the USA Workplace Bullying Institute, Linda has solidified her reputation as a respected authority in her field. She has shared her expertise at conferences in the United States and across Canada, leaving an indelible mark on workplace safety discourse.

Linda offers extensive services tailored to professionals and industries of all kinds. Her offerings include trauma-informed consultations, leadership coaching, and comprehensive training. Additionally, Linda operates a specialized repair and recovery clinic, providing a confidential, nonjudgmental sanctuary for complainants, witnesses, and respondents to receive the support, education, training, advocacy, coaching, and treatment they need to heal from psychological injuries.

With her extensive experience working closely with Indigenous workplaces and communities, Linda has earned a reputation for her culturally sensitive approach and deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Indigenous individuals and organizations. Her commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and cultural competence shines through in her work.

Linda is also highly regarded for her customized training programs tailored to first responders and various professionals, including leaders, investigators, therapists, and insurance professionals. She designs training programs that equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to address workplace harassment, bullying, and violence effectively.

In her relentless pursuit of excellence, Linda continually identifies gaps in services and knowledge within workplace systems, offering innovative solutions to bridge those divides. Her work has created a global network of resources, strengthening the collective efforts to eradicate workplace harassment and bullying.

Linda’s overarching mission is prevention, early intervention, and appropriate intervention strategies to halt the cycle of harm in workplaces. Her vision extends beyond borders, making her a catalyst for change on a worldwide scale. You can also find her research contributions on Google Scholar, where she continues to contribute to the field of workplace psychology and safety. Linda Crockett is not just a professional but a force for transformation, driving the conversation towards safer and more inclusive workplaces for all.

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Recognition & Awards

Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award

Linda Crockett was awarded the Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award 2017 from the Government of Alberta for Individual Leadership in Bullying Prevention.

Linda Crockett was recognized for her leadership role in advocating for those affected by bullying. She is the founder of The Canadian Institute of Workplace Harassment and Violence (formerly the ABRC or Alberta Bullying Research, Resources & Recovery Centre), which provides education, awareness, advocacy, and recovery counselling services for anyone affected by harassment or violence, including rehabilitation for perpetrators.

Linda has facilitated workshops to social workers, teachers, youth justice volunteers, the Edmonton Support Network, First Nation Communities, and teens and domestic violence survivors preparing for the workplace. Linda also advocates on legislation changes, to add “psychological harassment” and “psychological violence” to provincial and federal labour legislation.

Inspiration Award
visionary, pioneer, award winner

First in Alberta! Visionary, Pioneer Award

In 2012 Linda Crockett’s ABRC (now The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources) became the first full-service resource in Alberta specific to psychological harassment, otherwise known as workplace bullying. Linda is a qualified professional with the ability to provide both employers and employees with consultations, assessments, training, speaking engagements, coaching and specialized counselling for repairing the harm that has been done by workplace harassment, or to prevent harm from being done.

With her personal and professional work, and research, in 2010 Linda identified gaps in workplace services to assist organizations with prevention and early intervention of this costly and complex phenomenon. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of organizations, thousands of employees, medical teams, insurance companies, OHS, investigators, and other workplace specialists.  Linda believes in the need for a full spectrum of services offering prevention, intervention, and repair/restore options. This is a complex issue impacting the reputations and productivity of organizations and their employee’s health and wellbeing. This requires a holistic perspective focusing on all levels involved and impacted, and allows for all voices to be heard and understood. Linda collaborates with other professionals and offers referrals to highly qualified, professionally regulated, and experienced services i.e.: Investigators, Mediators, HR Consultants, Therapists. Due to the sensitivities involved, it is imperative to be ethical in your selection of workplace resources to prevent harm from occurring due to the complex phenomenon of workplace harassment and violence.

Admitting there is a problem and building trust are the first steps to meaningful repair. Working with Linda, the CIWBR and associates, you have access to the very best anti-harassment resources in Canada! References are available!