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All our professional collaborators will be considered qualified by their training and hands on work experience. They consistently practice with a strong code of ethics, values, empathy, fairness, and timeliness. They will remain neutral and offer unbiased services, which demonstrate best practices. They will also contribute to filling in any gaps of knowledge, and ensure that organizations, leaders, and employees are prepared, and fully understand the processes involved with investigations. We also believe that all investigators must be trauma informed. Working on these cases will require a strong understanding of the complex nuances and needs of each participant. This includes being prepared, responding to various reactions and needs, decisions being made, and the delivery of the investigation outcomes. Especially when aware of existing psychological injuries. We believe it is essential to make appropriate recommendations for prevention and interventions and prevent further risks or harm. We all promote psychological safety in the workplace.


Can’t Buy My Silence

Zelda Perkins has been campaigning since 2017 when she was the first woman to break an NDA, signed decades earlier, with Harvey Weinstein. She brought the systematic abuse of NDA’s to the attention of the British Government and international press, giving evidence at two parliamentary inquiries, which have uncovered an epidemic of misuse, and pushing the England and Wales Solicitors Regulatory Authority to take disciplinary action against the lawyer who created her NDA for Weinstein. Her actions have been inspiring others, to come forward by her example. Zelda was named a Person of the Year by Time magazine in 2017 and by the Guardian in 2020.


Professor Julie Macfarlane is a Canadian law professor, Member of the Order of Canada, who has won many awards for her work in advocating for access to justice. In 2016, in her personal negotiations with the Anglican Church, she persuaded the Church and their insurer to end the default practice of forcing NDAs on victims of clerical abuse. Later that year4, she discovered that a colleague terminated following an investigation for harassment and other misconduct was protected by an NDA that had been negotiated before his departure from the University of Windsor, and that he had been able to move to another law school who knew nothing of his history. The University continued to hide the facts in the NDA enabling the perpetrator to successfully sue her for “defamation”.


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Can't Buy My Silence