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All our professional collaborators will be considered qualified by their training and hands on work experience. They consistently practice with a strong code of ethics, values, empathy, fairness, and timeliness. They will remain neutral and offer unbiased services, which demonstrate best practices. They will also contribute to filling in any gaps of knowledge, and ensure that organizations, leaders, and employees are prepared, and fully understand the processes involved with investigations. We also believe that all investigators must be trauma informed. Working on these cases will require a strong understanding of the complex nuances and needs of each participant. This includes being prepared, responding to various reactions and needs, decisions being made, and the delivery of the investigation outcomes. Especially when aware of existing psychological injuries. We believe it is essential to make appropriate recommendations for prevention and interventions and prevent further risks or harm. We all promote psychological safety in the workplace.

After testing the Track & Assess app for iOS and Android devices, we are happy to promote it as an excellent phone application for documenting workplace bullying evidence, tracking signs and symptoms, and for producing professional records for employees, leaders, investigators, human resources, OHS, Human Rights, Medical Teams, Unions, Insurance Companies, and more. This application decreases the time and energy required for keeping records. We all keep our phones close by, so this Track & Assess app helps with immediate note taking.

Track & Assess app

by Jen Magnus Consulting

Jen Magnus offers workplace culture assessments. Her steps may include conducting a survey, reviewing policies and procedures, one on one interviews, focus groups, and written recommendations. Call Jen when you are experiencing complicated, and/or  multiple problems or complaints, due to leadership, poor employee engagement, team issues, harassment, or bullying.

Shawn Martin

A Human Resources professional with more than 25 years of experience. Her dynamic approach enables her to get to the root of organizational issues and offer a fresh perspective. She partners with her clients in order to link HR initiatives to business strategies.

Over time, Shawn has developed a depth of expertise in many areas such as Change Management, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Coaching, Performance Management, Organisational Development as well as Harassment in the Workplace.

She possesses a Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology. Prior to working as a Consultant, Shawn held senior executive positions in such major Companies as The Bay, Pangeo Pharma, Browns Shoes, IKEA, Future Shop and BCE.

Shawn has dual citizenship from Canada and England and is fluent, both written and spoken in English and French.

Professionnelle en ressources humaines comptant plus de 25 ans d’expérience. Son approche dynamique lui permet d’identifier rapidement l’origine des problèmes organisationnels afin d’offrir des points de vue nouveaux. Elle travaille toujours en équipe avec le client afin de concilier les initiatives RH avec les stratégies d’entreprise.

Au fil du temps, Shawn a développé une expertise pointue dans plusieurs domaines tels que la gestion du changement, les stratégies de communication, la résolution des conflits, le coaching, la gestion de la performance, le développement organisationnel et le harcèlement en milieu de travail.

Elle détient un baccalauréat ès arts avec une majeure en psychologie. Avant de devenir consultante, Shawn a occupé divers postes en tant que cadre supérieur dans des entreprises d’envergure telles La Baie, Pangeo Pharma, les chaussures Browns, IKEA, Future Shop et BCE.

Shawn possède deux citoyennetés, canadienne et britannique et maîtrise parfaitement l’anglais et le français tant à l’oral qu’à l’écrit.

Luc Chalifoux

Luc has been practicing as a clinical psychologist for over 25 years. Luc possesses a master’s degree in psychology, and has further pursued a series of complementary trainings in order to strengthen his expertise of intervention methods.

Member in good standing of the OPQ since 1989, he works in the area of health care services, collaborates with various government agencies in addition to maintaining his private practice. He treats adults, adolescents, children, families and couples. His approach is mostly cognitive-behavioral and systematic but he also promotes other recognized and proven therapeutic approaches. He is one of the few psychologists in Quebec trained in IMO and has long been a primary resource for crisis intervention. He is specialized in post-traumatic stress and the prevention of bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Luc is very interested in new techniques designed at reducing the negative effects of stress notably through hypnotherapy. He has developed and marketed a series of self-hypnosis CDs’ which he suggests as a working tool to support continuous integration of the benefits of hypnosis. Luc takes to heart the research and development of tools and strategies that serve to maintain mental health.

Luc pratique en tant que psychologue clinicien depuis maintenant plus de 25 ans. Doté d’une maîtrise en psychologie, il a poursuivi une série de formations complémentaires pour solidifier son expertise en méthodes d’interventions.

Membre en règle de l’OPQ depuis 1989, il travaille non seulement en milieu de soins de la santé mais aussi en collaboration avec divers organismes gouvernementaux en plus de soutenir sa pratique en cabinet privé. Il traite les adultes, les adolescents, les enfants, les familles ainsi que les couples. Il utilise une approche cognitive-comportementale, systémique interactionnelle et favorise aussi d’autres approches thérapeutiques reconnues et démontrées efficaces. Il est un des rares psychologues au Québec formé en IMO et a longtemps été une référence en intervention de crise.Il est spécialisé en stress post-traumatique et dans la prévention de l’intimidation et du harcèlement psychologique en milieu de travail.

Luc s’intéresse beaucoup aux nouvelles techniques visant la réduction des effets négatifs du stress notamment par l’hypnothérapie. Il a développé et mis sur le marché une série de CD d’auto-hypnose qu’il suggère comme outil de travail pour favoriser l’intégration continue des bienfaits de l’hypnose.Luc prend à cœur la recherche et le développement d’outils et de stratégies pour assurer le maintien de la santé mentale.

Workplace Fairness West

Michelle Phaneuf is a partner with Workplace Fairness West in Calgary operating in conjunction with Workplace Fairness International.  Workplace Fairness supports organizations in Alberta and across Canada to foster a healthy culture based on a core value of equity of concern and respect. They are a Canadian leader in the emerging field of Workplace Restoration and have provided training in this area for organizations and individuals across Canada including The City of Calgary, The City of Edmonton, Canada Revenue Agency and Department of National Defence.

Michelle is a Chartered mediator, Certified Coach, Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor and trained Ombudsman who utilizes interest-based tools to bring awareness and empathy to manage difficult situations in a non-confrontational manner. Her background in engineering generates a systems-thinking approach which enables her to successfully analyze complex situations and build a comprehensive perspective.