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The following stories have been shared with the CIWBR. We hope that sharing their stories will help pave the way to change in public post-secondary institutions.

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College/University: Native education college
Union/Faculty Association: Family and community counselling
Year: 2023

I currently have a Human Rights tribunal application in as well as retaliation complaints. It would be easier if I could forward the documents to somebody so that they could get the gist of what happened anyhow, in 2023 I enrolled in a program under my tuition waiver. I was also doing concurrent studies at the Justice Institute and had a student in amazing standing since 2017. We have a PROGRAM MANAGER for 10 to 11 family and community counselling program during which time there was an immense amount of lateral bullying and violence that was perpetuated throughout. The reports of the abuse were met by an increase in abuse and isolation, as well as retaliation taken by additional students and faculty in an attempt to stifle shame and isolate anybody that would speak up. This was particularly targeted towards the Métis students. And there was an element of ageism because we were older students in a mixed cohort and still had just as much right to be there that were put in charge of the departments. One was brought over the summer by his sister who is a board member and he had been kicked out of the Calgary Police Department for unsavoury abuse of conduct towards a teenage member of the BIPOC community HE HAS NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE AND IT IS NOT EVEN KNOWN IF HE HAS A DEGREE HE WAS MADE THE DEAN OF ACADEMICS THE HIGHEST POSITION OF THAT INSTITUTION BECAUSE OF THE NEPOTISM ASSOCIATED WITH HIS SISTER‘S BOARD MEMBER STATUS. THE OTHER DEAN OF STUDENT SERVICES WAS ASSIGNED AFTER A YEAR OF INSTRUCTION AND HOLDS ONLY A BACHELORS DEGREE NEITHER OF WHICH WERE TEACHERS OR STEPPED INTO THE TEACHING ROLE. THEY ALSO ALLOWED ABUSE OF CONDUCT TOWARDS ONE OF THE INSTRUCTORS AND ANY OF THE REPORTS WERE MET BY AGGRESSIVE TACTICS AND STRATEGIES.

AFTER I FILED THE HUMAN RIGHTS COMPLAINT I RECEIVED IMMENSE RETALIATION. I was ostracized disallow from participating in student council election, and they tried to put me on a academic probation after I had filed plaint I have never been subjected to probation and I have excelled and all other learning environments, including where I went over to the JIBC and took up full-time studies and have a 4.1 out of 4.3 GPA recommendation of the department. I am currently taking collaborative, resolution, and investigation and enforcement and enforcement concurrent.

Also, at the beginning of the year, I had asked for a mobility accommodation regarding my parking. I was told this would not be an issue by the same academics by the 10th week it had not been addressed, and there was severe conditions making it difficult for me to access the door. I put the Parking into the Human Rights complaint so all of a sudden they had a addressed it, but they did not do so quietly, and they had staff member that came and blasted the accommodation in front of my whole class which caused uproar and my class to have additional hatred towards me regarding my accommodation which should never have been discussed and open and should not have been up for discussion.After I addressed these with the Human Rights tribunal process and was dismissed from the school for what they called collegial behaviour as a result of filing the complaint. I was enrolled at JIBC full-time less than a month later and have maintained excelling grades and have had none of the experiences that I had at NEC.

Disclaimer: These testimonies reflect the real life experiences and opinions of the individuals who submitted them. They are for information and educational purposes only in order to increase awareness of psychological harassment, bullying, and discrimination in workplaces. You should always consult with your own lawyer, health provider/doctor, etc. for advice and support regarding your own workplace situation. We are not lawyers or physicians; however, we do have trauma-informed trained harassment and anti-bullying specialists, trainers/speakers, consultants, therapists and coaches available for support.

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