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Linda Crockett, IAWBH

Linda Crockett, MSW, RSW, SEP, CCPA

Workplace Consultant, Trainer, Therapist and Coach

Please contact Linda Crocket at for a discussion, to arrange a consultation, and/or proposal.

Linda Crockett has a master’s degree in clinical social work (34 years), somatic experiencing trauma therapist, prolonged exposure to PTSD practitioner, who specializes with cases of workplace harassment. She has offers services to leaders, HR, complainants, witnesses, and respondents throughout all stages. Linda is the founder of The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources(CIWBR ) as well as the Canadian Institute of Workplace Harassment & Violence (CIWHV), a non-profit organization. She offers assessments including risk, work culture, psychological injury assessments, respondent assessments, treatment plans, referrals, coaching, strategizing next steps, a complaints triage model, and she advocates on the prevention of work-related psychological injuries.

Linda’s work included education, interventions, preventions, and restorative / recovery options for employers, employees (groups or individuals), including complainants, witnesses, and respondents. She offers a holistic perspective to the diverse, multi-layered, complex cases of workplace harassment and violence. Linda has created an award-winning full-service resource for leaders and staff, groups or individuals, HR, OHS, Investigators, Unions, Insurance, and more.

Linda uses a coach/therapist combination model in her practice to address cases ranging from; information calls, crisis interventions, coaching individuals or teams, counseling, trauma therapy, return to work and/or duty to accommodation, and she is an external contracted counselor with WCB. Employers and individuals can contact Linda for appointments directly.

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Anneke Baker MSW, RSW

Anneke Baker MSW, RSW

Trainer, Co-Facilitator, and Workplace Coach

Ms. Anneke Baker is now a certified trainer for the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources. Anneka has a special personal and professional interest in this area. She has completed her training, job shadowing, and she has reviewed the research. Anneke has hands on work experience assisting leaders, HR, Unions, and staff dealing with cases of bullying, harassment, discrimination, racism and more. Anneke is also the owner and operator of ABK Integral Resources Inc., providing consultation and a variety of training topics for employers and employees (individual or groups) from all professions and industries in Medicine Hat, Brooks, and Southern Alberta. Anneke holds a Master of Social Work with a specialization in Leadership in Human Services. She has worked in the community in several capacities, has a lengthy background in case management, crisis management, assessment, addictions, mental health, and adult education, working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams. Anneke provides specialized services including consultation, assessment, training, mentorship and coaching to enhance competence and workplace wellbeing to promote a strong workforce. She provides external consultation in areas relating to supervision and psychoeducational support, employee/workplace wellness, communication, conflict resolution, leadership strategies, critical incident debriefing, grief, and loss in the workplace.

Luc Chalifoux, Huma experts

Clinical Psychologist

Luc has been practicing as a clinical psychologist for over 25 years. Luc possesses a master’s degree in psychology, and has further pursued a series of complementary trainings in order to strengthen his expertise of intervention methods.

Member in good standing of the OPQ since 1989, he works in the area of health care services, collaborates with various government agencies in addition to maintaining his private practice. He treats adults, adolescents, children, families and couples. His approach is mostly cognitive-behavioral and systematic but he also promotes other recognized and proven therapeutic approaches. He is one of the few psychologists in Quebec trained in IMO and has long been a primary resource for crisis intervention. He is specialized in post-traumatic stress and the prevention of bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Luc is very interested in new techniques designed at reducing the negative effects of stress notably through hypnotherapy. He has developed and marketed a series of self-hypnosis CDs’ which he suggests as a working tool to support continuous integration of the benefits of hypnosis. Luc takes to heart the research and development of tools and strategies that serve to maintain mental health.

Luc pratique en tant que psychologue clinicien depuis maintenant plus de 25 ans. Doté d’une maîtrise en psychologie, il a poursuivi une série de formations complémentaires pour solidifier son expertise en méthodes d’interventions.

Membre en règle de l’OPQ depuis 1989, il travaille non seulement en milieu de soins de la santé mais aussi en collaboration avec divers organismes gouvernementaux en plus de soutenir sa pratique en cabinet privé. Il traite les adultes, les adolescents, les enfants, les familles ainsi que les couples. Il utilise une approche cognitive-comportementale, systémique interactionnelle et favorise aussi d’autres approches thérapeutiques reconnues et démontrées efficaces. Il est un des rares psychologues au Québec formé en IMO et a longtemps été une référence en intervention de crise.Il est spécialisé en stress post-traumatique et dans la prévention de l’intimidation et du harcèlement psychologique en milieu de travail.

Luc s’intéresse beaucoup aux nouvelles techniques visant la réduction des effets négatifs du stress notamment par l’hypnothérapie. Il a développé et mis sur le marché une série de CD d’auto-hypnose qu’il suggère comme outil de travail pour favoriser l’intégration continue des bienfaits de l’hypnose.Luc prend à cœur la recherche et le développement d’outils et de stratégies pour assurer le maintien de la santé mentale.

Manitoba Canada Coach and Consultant for Leaders or Staff

A retired police officer with Canada’s National police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Sherry has published 3 books, first on titled WOMEN NOT WANTED. This about her 20-year career and how she dealt with workplace conflict, bullying, and sexual harassment.

Sherry has a BA in Conflict Resolution Studies, and since retiring works as a professional educator, and consultant, focusing on workplace conflict and helping others ‘find their voice’.

Terry Syvenky

Terry Syvenky

Canadian Coach for People with Disabilities

Offering disability and workplace bullying informed consulting, mediation, transformational coaching, mentoring, assessments, document writing, and training, employment navigation and disability accommodation services. With a background in sociology, psychology, conflict resolution, adult education, facilitation, coaching, spirituality, and leadership, I help my clients effectively navigate challenging transitions with engaging facilitation and impactful coaching, and support those in conflict through difficult conversations to rebuild trust and arrive at satisfying resolutions.

Adam Harrison Workplace Trauma Informed Coach

Adam Harrison

Workplace Trauma Informed Coach

Dr Adam Harrison is a Family Physician, Lawyer and Leadership Coach who, as a result of his personal experiences, specializes in confidence and mindset coaching for professionals who have been on the receiving end of workplace bullying. As a former medical director, he also helps leaders of organizations develop kind leadership cultures based on the compassionate, servant and inclusive leadership model paradigms.  The underpinning philosophy to both his workplace bullying and detoxifying toxic cultures work, is mental and physical wellbeing, so he does a lot of work in that arena too.   Adam strongly believes in doing work aligned with his core values (honesty, justice, gratitude, love and humor) and he believes that shines through in his work.

Adam is also the creator and host of the ‘Inspiring Women Leaders’ podcast (, the show about leadership by women only, from which everyone can learn. The podcast aims to showcase the extensive leadership knowledge and practical skills of its incredible guests and to both inspire and educate its listeners, helping them acquire the practical know-how necessary to become better leaders themselves.

Twitter: @FutureExecCoach