We have years of experience with education, prevention,


intervention and recovery. We can help.


Workplace Bullying?

Alberta bullying recovery centre

Our workplace bullying and harassment workshops are customized


to meet the unique needs of your industry.

Full or Half-Day

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Linda Crockett, IAWBH

Linda Crockett has 32 years experience, and has been

Linda Crockett

Recognized for Individual Leadership in Bullying Prevention


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Pat Ferris, Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources (CIWBR)

25 Year International Expert on

Pat Ferris

Treatment and Organizational Interventions

MSW, RCSW, M.Sc., Ph. D.

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Workplace Bullying Seminar and Training

A two part, online support group

Workplace Bullying

2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month


Educational Support Group

Alberta bullying recovery centre




Education is essential to prevention and intervention of any workplace harm.

Repair & Recovery

A variety of resources to assist you when workplace harm has occured.


Prevention is about ensuring no harm ever occurs to our Alberta workers.

Workplace Services

We provide a safe, confidential space to seek support, solutions and relief.


Intervention prevents further harm, costs and the interruption in services.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events designed to raise awareness and provide support.

Times of Crisis Increase Risks of Bullying

More than ever we must be self aware and practice self care.

Bully types must be held accountable.

Witnesses must document and report.

Employees harmed must document, report, see their doctor and talk to a supportive professional.

Self-isolating due to COVID-19 is one thing. You can still seek support and guidance with us remotely.

Contact us at 780-965-7480.

Who Are We?

Linda Crockett

A professional social worker for over 32 years, Linda’s career is dedicated to providing education, intervention, prevention, and recovery options to employers and employees impacted by bullying in the workplace.

Pat Ferris

With 40+ years experience in counselling and consulting in mental health, and 25+ years consulting, training and coaching in the workplace, Pat has broad insights into helping both individuals and companies achieve their mental health goals.


Workshops customized to meet the unique needs of your industry.

We work in collaboration with professionals all over Alberta. This includes investigations, consultations, workplace coaching, assessment, policy development and training, as well as short or long term counselling and facilitation of group discussions.

What Makes Us The Best Choice?


  • Linda has a Master’s degree with specialty in Workplace Bullying Harassment
  • Pat has a masters degree in clinical social work and a Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology
  • Graduate of the Workplace Bullying Institute – Alumni and Star Guest
  • A combined total of 50 years experience in this specialized area, assisting hundreds of organizations, leaders, and thousands of employees.
  • Accountable to the Regulatory Body of ACSW
  • Program development, identifying gaps in processes, training/ case managing high level crisis orientation case loads
  • Complex abuse investigations including training of investigators
  • Holistic Perspective: needs of Organization, Employees, and Policy.
  • Our workshops are rated as ′excellent′ by attendees
  • We offer guidance, solutions, support, and a variety of resources to accommodate all aspects: prevention, intervention, and repair.

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The CIWBR Welcomes Donations.

100% of your donation will go to assisting employees who have suffered an injury and are unable to access resources including coaching, counselling, support groups, or legal services.