Our Mandate and Philosophy


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services to individual and corporate clients with dignity, inclusion and integrity using evidence-based practices and approaches with openness and transparency.

Through our work, our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and corporations. Our goal is to provide early intervention where we can and to provide repair and restoration of health functioning for those in need of help.

For workplaces, our mission is to provide counseling, consulting, and coaching services that lead to psychological health and safety for all.

Our Approach

We believe in open and honest dialogue around the issues of importance to a person or corporation.

We commit to transparency, expertise, and wisdom in the areas we service and to realistic assessments of a situation and possible solutions.

We see our clients as part of a team that we create to find solutions and repair. It is only through dialogue, trust, and problem solving that issues can truly be resolved.

Ethically based interventions, affordable solutions, and expertise combine to create workable solutions.

Our Mandate

Providing prevention, early intervention, restorative, and repair services for psychological safety in our workplaces.

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Support and Resources for Employers, Leaders, Groups and Individuals

We believe the first steps to enhancing psychological safety in the workplace is to build knowledge, stimulate open discussions, teach on the early warning signs, tactics, profiles, prevalence, and causes of harassment and violence. In addition, offer solutions. Workers need to have an understanding and language to identify what is happening to them. Employers, leaders, and employees need tools to address this complex phenomenon. With information, skills, and tools, leaders and employees can prevent and/or intervene earlier before any harm has occurred.

Harassment and violence are costly for all people involved. It can destroy organizations, reputations, careers, lives, and cost multiple millions each year when it is not addressed appropriately. It is recommended that you utilize qualified, experienced, licensed professionals, for this will save you injuries, damages, and the resulting costs. You want to prevent secondary injuries caused by innocent mistakes, decrease recruitment and insurance costs, and improve productivity.

CIWBR offers support and resources to employers, leaders, teams, groups, and individuals. This includes those who are experiencing harassment (targets or complainants), those witnessing this abuse (bystanders or witnesses), and also those identified for acting out with harassing or violent behaviours (respondents or perpetrators). We offer training, consultants, work culture assessments, investigations, coaching, and clinical treatment from a trauma informed, holistic perspective. All services are provided with a trauma informed, holistic perspective.

In our clinical practices, we work with those impacted by depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions, struggling with difficult decisions, low self esteem, grief and loss, trauma, and more. We have 33+ years of experience in professional social work, including 10+ years as a masters degree social worker in clinical practise, certified somatic experiencing trauma therapy, EMDR, Prolonged Exposure, CBT, and certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. Our institute is also home to a trained investigator, member of ACSW,  IAWBH, Star Alumni WBI, graduate of U of C, and a GOA Award and U of C Alumni Award winner.

What types of issues can our workplace training services address? Situations involving workplace bullying, psychological harassment, psychological violence, psychological hazards, mobbing and lateral violence.