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All our professional collaborators will be considered qualified by their training and hands on work experience. They consistently practice with a strong code of ethics, values, empathy, fairness, and timeliness. They will remain neutral and offer unbiased services, which demonstrate best practices. They will also contribute to filling in any gaps of knowledge, and ensure that organizations, leaders, and employees are prepared, and fully understand the processes involved with investigations. We also believe that all investigators must be trauma informed. Working on these cases will require a strong understanding of the complex nuances and needs of each participant. This includes being prepared, responding to various reactions and needs, decisions being made, and the delivery of the investigation outcomes. Especially when aware of existing psychological injuries. We believe it is essential to make appropriate recommendations for prevention and interventions and prevent further risks or harm. We all promote psychological safety in the workplace.


Jarret J.

Jarret M. Janis, J.D.

Method Workplace Investigation Law
Employment & Labour Law Counsel
Workplace Investigator

Article: Trauma-Informed Interviewing for Lawyers and Human Resources

Deborah E. Prowse, Q.C.

Deborah E. Prowse, K.C.

Method Workplace Investigation Law
Senior Investigative Review Counsel
Educator & Trainer

Article: Trauma-Informed Interviewing for Lawyers and Human Resources

Root Resolutions

Jeff Bzowey

Root Resolutions
Calgary, AB
(587) 284-2412

Root Resolutions completes trauma-informed, evidence-based investigations from end-to-end. We specialize in handling whistleblower/anonymous reports and in conducting investigations for corporations, sports organizations, and educational institutions. We excel at dealing with high-risk, high-profile concerns involving workplace bullying/harassment, sexual harassment, fraud/theft, conflict of interest and professional conduct.

Turn your concerns over to us and we will advise you on what you need to do immediately, during the investigation, and at the conclusion of our engagement. Root Resolutions will identify potential risks at the outset and in the course of the investigation through regular updates. We can also provide recommendations at the conclusion of our investigation.

Maggie Baczynski, Lawyer, Workplace Investigator

Maggie Baczynski

Lawyer, Workplace Investigator
MB Workplace Law
Edmonton, AB

ph: 780-292-1032

Jen Magnus, workplace investigator

Jen Magnus

Workplace Investigator
Magnus Consulting
Calgary, AB

ph: 403-601-3040


Ugo Mackenzie

Ugo Mackenzie, LLB, LLM

Transcend Workplace Consulting
Workplace Investigator, Assessor and Lawyer

Ugo began her legal career in employment, labor, and human rights law, where she often found herself frustrated by the slow-moving nature of litigation. She gravitated toward workplace investigation because of the greater opportunities for making a decisive difference in the lives of employees and employers and serving as a catalyst for institutional change.  Ugo has a Master of Laws in Alternate Dispute Resolution from Dalhousie University which allows her to help clients who are dealing with complex and often stressful workplace issues and assist them in coming up with a plan to meet their legal obligations while restoring the workplace to a healthier state.

As an investigator, Ugo has addressed complaints in a wide range of work environments, including the public and private sectors as well as universities, hospitals, and medium to small businesses. She is respected for her fair and unbiased approach to interviewing, and for her concise, precise, and straightforward report-writing.  Her practice encompasses a diverse range of workplace complaints, including complaints of sexual harassment, workplace harassment, discrimination, bullying, poisoned work environments, code of conduct violations, loss of respect in the workplace, and other problematic workplace misconduct.

Tova Bar-Dayan, BD Investigations

Tova Bar-Dayan

Sage HR Consulting Inc.

Driven by her passion for the human side of business, Tova Bar-Dayan launched Sage HR Consulting Inc. in 2017 to address a market need for experienced human resources and labour relations advisory services. This need has included independent and impartial workplace investigations, the demand for which has grown out of employers’ statutory obligations to investigate claims of workplace harassment, violence, or discrimination, and accelerated in recent years as a result of social justice movements.

The value Tova brings to an investigation is founded upon over 15 years of advising and strategically partnering with senior and executive management on workplace matters. Tova’s diverse career in Human Resources and Labour Relations roles has spanned both public (federal and provincial) and private organizations, and in both unionized and non-unionized environments, including time as a Labour Relations Conciliator/Mediator for the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Beyond the boardroom, Tova has also engaged the upcoming generation of Human Resources professionals through her time educating 3rd and 4th year students at York University as a part-time course instructor.

During her time in corporate roles as well as with her consulting firm, Tova has investigated claims of sexual harassment, workplace bullying, racism/Anti-Black Racism, theft, improper conduct, and more, including those which could have resulted in significant litigation and/or reputational risk, leveraging her ability to connect with people of all professional levels. This experience is bolstered by her status as a licensed workplace private investigator (ON Lic. #11313593).

Tova Bar-Dayan has been invited to be listed on our website. We highly recommend Tova for investigations and mediation services. We also want to thank Tova for offering the following article! This is important information. Please share this article!