Recommended Trainers & Facilitators

Linda Crockett, IAWBH

Linda Crockett, MSW, RSW, SEP, CCPA

Workplace Consultant, Trainer, Therapist and Coach

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Linda has been a professional social worker for 34 years and the founder of The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources (CIWBR) and the non-profit Canadian Institute of Workplace Harassment and Violence (CIWHV) As a witness and target of workplace harassment and violence (including mobbing) in her own profession, the last 11 years of her career has been dedicated to development of the first, Full-Service Bullying and Harassment Resource Center for Canadians. Linda’s award winning services include a variety of training packages. Today as an International Speaker on this topic, Specialized Trauma Therapist, Consultant, Advocate, Investigator, and Coach, Linda provides a holistic perspective focusing on:

Education, Intervention, Prevention, and Restorative / Recovery options for Employers and Employees. This training is trauma informed, in-depth, and provides a full perspective of each human being’s experience e.g., leadership, HR, OHS, and the complainants, witnesses, or respondents. Learn about the complexities, multi-layers, and easily missed or misunderstood nuances of workplace harassment and violence. We want to help prevent harm, decrease costs, help restore and repair, and increase the success and positive reputation of your business.

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Anneke Baker MSW, RSW

Anneke Baker MSW, RSW

Trainer, Co-Facilitator, and Workplace Coach

Ms. Anneke Baker is now a certified trainer for the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources. Anneka has a special personal and professional interest in this area. She has completed her training, job shadowing, and she has reviewed the research. Anneke has hands on work experience assisting leaders, HR, Unions, and staff dealing with cases of bullying, harassment, discrimination, racism and more. Anneke is also the owner and operator of ABK Integral Resources Inc., providing consultation and a variety of training topics for employers and employees (individual or groups) from all professions and industries in Medicine Hat, Brooks, and Southern Alberta. Anneke holds a Master of Social Work with a specialization in Leadership in Human Services. She has worked in the community in several capacities, has a lengthy background in case management, crisis management, assessment, addictions, mental health, and adult education, working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams. Anneke provides specialized services including consultation, assessment, training, mentorship and coaching to enhance competence and workplace wellbeing to promote a strong workforce. She provides external consultation in areas relating to supervision and psychoeducational support, employee/workplace wellness, communication, conflict resolution, leadership strategies, critical incident debriefing, grief, and loss in the workplace.

Manitoba Canada Coach, Trainer, and Consultant for Leaders or Staff

A retired police officer with Canada’s National police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Sherry has published 3 books, first on titled WOMEN NOT WANTED. This about her 20-year career and how she dealt with workplace conflict, bullying, and sexual harassment.

Sherry has a BA in Conflict Resolution Studies, and since retiring works as a professional educator, and consultant, focusing on workplace conflict and helping others ‘find their voice’.

Mandy Brisebois

Certified Wellness and Executive Coach

Dr. B (Mandy Brisebois) is a certified Wellness and Executive Coach (with specialization in healthcare in process), and a General Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine Specialist. She has been involved in many leadership roles that emphasize and advocate for the wellness of workers in their organizations. Dr. B was the co-chair of the inaugural Patient and Family Advisory Committee at Covenant Health, as well as a member of the inaugural Wellness Support Group for Practitioners in her hospital. She is a trained Peer Support Coach. Dr. B has extensive training in conflict, negotiation, mediation (Justice Institute of British Columbia), equity, diversity, and inclusion (University of British Columbia AoDI) and Quality improvement. Her speciality of coaching patients with chronic illness, and at end of life, heightens her ability to help people integrate their illness and symptoms into their lives. These skills are paralleled when supporting workers deal with the physical effects of conflict and trauma in the workplace.

Dr. B has served as the Medical Director for a large 290 bed hospital, the Medical Director of the Covenant Palliative Care Institute, as well as an Associate Chief Medical Officer of Covenant Health. She is currently completing her Master of International Health Leadership through McGill University and has trained at multiple world-renowned organizations including the Mayo Clinic, Berkeley, Oxford, London School of Economics, UCLA, and Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Her leadership specialty is helping practitioners and teams find success through conflict, trauma in the workplace, and learn from these successes to create happier, more efficient, and more effective healthcare teams. She has spoken at many international events, and she is a published author in her fields of expertise.

Tryna Ames

Certified Trainer

Tryna Ames is a certified trainer for the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources. She is a red seal journeywoman with over 13 years industrial construction, spending many years in the field on the tools, working as a piping coordinator, on Transportation, projects, and subcontract management. Tryna is also a Pipe Trades Instructor at a local vocational college assisting Indigenous men and women interested in getting into the pipe trades as well as teaching other specialized programs.

Prior to working in the trades, Tryna worked in addictions as a Life Skills Coach leading the “Life Skills and Understanding Anger” programs and providing support to those in recovery. Today, Tryna offers training to identify and address workplace psychological hazards in the trades and construction industries. She offers leaders and employees with prevention, intervention, and repair options which support the changing times for those in the trades. Learning and building your awareness will help you to develop skills, tools, and appropriate supportive responses to difficult questions, scenarios, and highly activated reactions. This will prevent complaints and harm. These cases are complex and require specialized services to prevent unintended harm which is often caused by a lack of training and awareness. As a member of the CIWPB Team, Tryna can assist leaders, employees who are harmed, witnesses who are struggling, or those accused and struggling to come to terms with the allegations or investigation outcomes. Including those who are falsely accused.

Jennifer Fraser

Best-selling author and award-winning teacher

While teaching at a private school in BC, Jennifer Fraser heard directly from 8 students they were being emotionally and physically abused by four teachers. She followed all policies and procedures only to discover school administrators and the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation were going to cover up the abuse. Since the students (and by this point they were at least 14), were humiliated by being positioned as liars by their own Headmaster, Jennifer took the whistleblower role and spoke to national media in print and on television. The Headmaster and the Commissioner gave “no comment.” Jennifer has poured her time and energy into researching the impact on the brain of all forms of adult bullying. Her new book The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health marshals extensive scientific research to alert others as to how damaging harassment and abuse are to brains and offers extensive evidence-based strategies for repairing the harm done.


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Adam Harrison Workplace Trauma Informed Coach

Workplace Trauma Informed Trainer

Dr Adam Harrison is a Family Physician, Lawyer and Leadership Coach who, as a result of his personal experiences, specializes in confidence and mindset coaching for professionals who have been on the receiving end of workplace bullying. As a former medical director, he also helps leaders of organizations develop kind leadership cultures based on the compassionate, servant and inclusive leadership model paradigms.  The underpinning philosophy to both his workplace bullying and detoxifying toxic cultures work, is mental and physical wellbeing, so he does a lot of work in that arena too.   Adam strongly believes in doing work aligned with his core values (honesty, justice, gratitude, love and humor) and he believes that shines through in his work.

Adam is also the creator and host of the ‘Inspiring Women Leaders’ podcast (, the show about leadership by women only, from which everyone can learn. The podcast aims to showcase the extensive leadership knowledge and practical skills of its incredible guests and to both inspire and educate its listeners, helping them acquire the practical know-how necessary to become better leaders themselves.

Twitter: @FutureExecCoach

Nolan Crouse

Trainer & Group Facilitator

Nolan Crouse has had significant managerial, governance and organizational leadership role in sport, government and the forest products industry in both Canada and the United States.  He managed and owned businesses that manufactured pulp, paper, lumber, fiberboard, strawboard and wood packaging.  This included managing the Procter and Gamble Charmin Tissue Manufacturing operations in the northeastern United States.

Today, Nolan uses those experiences to facilitate Board and Management team needs, perform Executive Appraisals, teach at the University of Alberta, preside over challenging public meetings, assist organizations who have bullying and harassment related needs and provide consulting/investigation services for municipalities, and can come to your community or your organization.

Learn more about Nolan Crouse at

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