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Key factors you may want to review before proceeding to your story:

Your input to the survey and welcomed suggestions will contribute to our category of solutions.

CIWBR Solutions:

  • Complaints Triage Process
    • Involves a third-party trauma-informed psychological safety consultant with a background in psychology.
      • Assess for next steps – ensure transparency, fair and timely processes, designed in the best interest of all parties involved
      • Provide information re: rights, expectations, resources, and options e.g., mediation, facilitated discussion, assessment or investigation.
  • Stronger Collective Agreements
  • Third-party involvement in Faculty Associations/Unions
    • All parties should be included in selecting the third-party professional; this helps build trust, respect, safety, and support for the repair. Empower the complainant, witnesses, and alleged respondents equally.
  • Ensure that company policies can be grieved using the grievance procedure.
  • More comprehensive dispute resolution processes involving trauma informed union advocacy and investigations.
  • Post-Secondary Education Ombudsman in every institution.
  • A Third Party “Trusted” Whistleblower Line and process.
  • Mandatory Trauma-informed Training on Prevention, Intervention, Repair and Recovery, for all staff, top-down, and for all students.
  • Verbal abuse/yelling, Intimidation or threats
  • Excessive monitoring or micromanagement
  • Assigning unreasonable tasks with unrealistic deadlines
  • Gaslighting, Manipulating facts to confuse/disorient
  • Derogatory comments. Constant belittling or demeaning remarks
  • Exclusion from work-related activities, withholding important information/resources
  • Character assassination, spreading malicious rumours
  • Exclusion from networking events
  • Reputation and relationship sabotage
  • Mishandling/weaponization of medical limitations and accommodations
  • Failure to effectively address employee complaints
  • Disproportionate disciplinary action
  • Lack of transparency
  • Unequal work assignments
  • Institution initiated investigations


  • Misuse of managerial processes
  • Lack of clear policies and procedures
  • Failure to follow established policies and procedures
  • Refusal to inform or clarify rules, policies, procedures
  • No accountability for management
  • Inadequate training for all staff
  • Misuse of Medico Legal (WCB, STD, LTD)
  • Breaches in confidentiality

Occupational Health & Safety Committees

  • Role dominated by the employer
  • Lacking neutrality, knowledge, and power
  • Breaches in confidentiality
  • Lack of power to put an immediate stop to the psychological hazard


  • Collective agreement
    • Weak collective agreement
    • Lack of training/knowledge of psychological hazards
    • No options for immediate resolution or temporary orders for accommodation disputes; and ongoing harassment, discrimination and reprisal.
    • No mechanism to force the employer to collect and produce data on psychological hazards, complaints, injuries in the workplace
  • Moderating managerial processes
  • Breaches in confidentiality

Your shared stories will pave the way to change for faculty in Public Post-Secondary Institutions.

Your workplace experiences have the power to drive significant change. By speaking out about your challenges with psychological hazards in post-secondary workplaces, you give government officials the information they need to push for crucial legislation. This legislation will require colleges and universities to provide education and adequate dispute resolution processes for psychological hazards, while also ensuring that regulatory authorities have the necessary resources to effectively address these issues in a timely manner.

Below we are looking for testimonials related to but not limited to the following:

  • Psychological Hazards
  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Psychological Violence
  • Mobbing
  • Lateral Violence
  • Gaslighting
  • Micro-Aggressions

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    Additionally, consider focussing on the chronological events that outline your experiences of psychological violence, including the impact they had on your well-being, career, productivity, family, reputation, social circle etc. Consider offering constructive suggestions in your testimony that reflect any successes in your experiences, including any internal or external processes and parties that were helpful.

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