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The Government of Canada’s Restorative Engagement Program

The Government of Canada’s Restorative Engagement Program

In collaboration with an interdepartmental advisory working group, a panel of four recognized experts, including Linda Crockett, supported the development and implementation of a restorative engagement program and led the engagement process with various networks and organizations.


Why? a poem by Trish

2023 World Survey Results

2023 World Survey Results

Anonymous International Survey on Workplace Bullying Survey Created by Linda Crockett founder of The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources...

Alberta’s Underregulated Investigations Industry

Significant revisions to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act in 2018 made it obligatory for employers to investigate certain types of complaints. Licencing requirements under the Alberta Security Services and Investigators Act of 2010 have since been ignored by many self-proclaimed “workplace investigators”.

Trauma Informed Interviewing

Workplace investigations into incidents or complaints require a delicate and sensitive approach, especially when dealing with individuals who have experienced trauma.

What is Domestic Violence?

You can’t tell if someone is abused by looking at them, bruises from abuse typically aren’t always visible …