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Bullying Prevention Guide and Resources

Bullying Prevention Guide and Resources

Written by Rebecca Truce
M.S. in Child Development, Early Childhood Emphasis | SDSU University

  • Types of Bullying
  • Bullying and Early Childhood
  • What Can Parents Do About Bullying?
  • Resources For Teachers and Educators
  • Anti-Bullying Tips for Children
  • Additional Helpful Anti-Bullying Resources

Resources for Parents

Parents Ask…

What can I do for my child who is a bully?

What can I do if my child is a target of bullying?  

What can I do if my child is a bystander?  

Great questions! It is great that you are seeing the signs and reaching out to help make this stop.

See our handouts for a few suggestions to get you started!

We have provided you with a few links to help you continue your search for answers. If you or your child needs someone to talk to, give us a call. We do offer consultations, coaching, and/or counselling sessions for parents and children to address and heal from bullying.