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Workplace Bullying: Training for Contact Professionals

Experts from Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, and France have come together to provide participants with the first of its kind, in depth training on workplace bullying. We offer contact professionals deeper knowledge, evidence-based strategies, interventions, skills, tips, rich discussions, support, and networking, to address employees who are impacted by workplace bullying (psychological harassment or psychological violence)....

The Million Dollar Question: Why Me?

Article written by Linda Crockett founder of the Workplace Bullying Resource Centre ( and co-author, Janice Gilligan White, founder of The Empowered Employee. Hundreds of thousands ‘Volunteers, Students, Employees’ targeted by bullies in their organization ask the question, “why me”? Whenever someone experiences a shock or trauma, people try to make sense of these confusing...

Reflections on 20 Years of Treating Targets of Workplace Bullying

I recently gave a presentation to psychologists in Melbourne, Australia reflecting on my 20 years experience treating targets of workplace bullying. This gave me the opportunity to review my learning and growth as a therapist in this field. I thank my clients and my international colleagues in the Therapist Special Interest Group of International Association...

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