Workplace Investigators

Workplace Investigators

Edmonton, Alberta

Maggie Baczynski, Lawyer, Workplace Investigator

Maggie Baczynski

Lawyer, Workplace Investigator
MB Workplace Law
Edmonton, AB

ph: 780-292-1032

Calgary, Alberta

Marlene Hope, Committed2Change Consulting

Marlene Hope

Trauma-Informed, Workplace Investigator, Q. Med
Committed 2 Change Consulting
Calgary, AB

ph: 587-578-1545

Committed2Change Consulting

Samuel Hope

Committed2Change Consulting
Calgary, AB

ph: 405-540-0459

Jen Magnus, workplace investigator

Jen Magnus

Workplace Investigator
Magnus Consulting
Calgary, AB

ph: 403-601-3040


Denise Koster

Denise Koster

Denise Koster, BAA PHEc., CTM
Koster Consulting & Associates
Investigator Specializing in Workplace Violence, Bullying And Elder/Resident Abuse
Certified Threat Manager

Denise Koster has worked in the area of violence and harassment since 1985. She investigates person to person and cyber workplace violence, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying focusing on both internal and external perpetrators. As a Certified Threat Manager, Denise provides workplaces with customized threat assessment and management plans.

Denise is the author of the book: “Refusing to Accept the Unacceptable: The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of Workplace Bullying and Harassment